Married... with children - sezon 8

Przewodnik po epizodach - sezon 8


158. A Tisket, a Tasket, Can Peg Make a Basket?

Data emisji: 05.09.1993
Numer odcinka: 801
Scenariusz: Kim Weiskopf
Reżyseria: Tony Singletary

  • Gerald Emerick (Man Behind Al)
  • Ray Clay (P.A. Announcer)
  • Roy Fegan (Team Offical)
  • Xavier McDaniel (Himself)
  • Clyde Drexler (Himself)
  • Vlade Divac (Himself)

When Al and Peggy go to a basketball game, Peggy switches seats with Al and her seat is chosen for a $10,000 free throw contest.


159. Hood 'n the Boyz

Data emisji: 12.09.1993
Numer odcinka: 802
Scenariusz: Michael Moye
Reżyseria: Tony Singletary

  • Chuck Lefever (Skippy)
  • Matt Borlenghi (Ray Ray)
  • Debra Engle (Mary Ellen)
  • Kimberly Paige (Jackie)
  • Alex Zonn (Bum)
  • Skye Bassett (Ray Ray's Girl)
  • Nicholas Brendon (Guy in Ray-Ray's gang)

Al helps his childhood girlfriend deal with a young tough guy.


160. Proud to Be Your Bud?

Data emisji: 19.09.1993
Numer odcinka: 803
Scenariusz: Stacie Lipp
Reżyseria: Tony Singletary

  • Michelle Nicholas (Libby)

The family thinks Bud is insane when they overhear him talking to himself in his room.


161. Luck of the Bundys

Data emisji: 26.09.1993
Numer odcinka: 804
Scenariusz: Richard Gurman
Reżyseria: Tony Singletary

  • Tom LaGrua (Weasel)
  • Dan Tullis Jr. (Policjant #1)
  • Lee Arenberg (Sal)
  • J.J. Johnston (Louie)
  • Sean N. Sickner (Policjant #2)

When the Bundys start having good luck, Al remembers the Bundy Curse and realizes he is doomed.


162. Banking on Marcy

Data emisji: 03.10.1993
Numer odcinka: 805
Scenariusz: Stacie Lipp
Reżyseria: Tony Singletary

  • Beau Billingslea (Moderator)
  • Marilyn Kagan (Dr. Angela)

Marcy tries to imagine she is somewhere else when she is giving a speech. Meanwhile, Al becomes addicted to rap videos.


163. No Chicken, No Check

Data emisji: 10.10.1993
Numer odcinka: 806
Scenariusz: Ralph R. Farquhar
Reżyseria: Tony Singletary

  • Vaitiare Bandera (Sonya)
  • Sean O'Bryan (Neuter)
  • Viatiare' (Sonya)
  • Lou Bonacki (Jake)

Kelly and Bud save their money to buy a car they can share.

Bud's middle name is revealed in this episode. It's Franklin.


164. Take My Wife, Please

Data emisji: 24.10.1993
Numer odcinka: 807
Scenariusz: Brad Yuen
Reżyseria: Tony Singletary

  • Patrika Darbo (Ethel)
  • Mindy Seeger (Jeannie)
  • Joshua Boyd (Kid #1)
  • Billy Gordon (Belle)
  • The Village People (Themselves)

The grim reaper starts pestering Al until a family member says they need him. Meanwhile, Marcy gets Peggy, Kelly, and Bud to impersonate the Village People at her party.


165. Scared Single

Data emisji: 07.11.1993
Numer odcinka: 808
Scenariusz: Katherine Green
Reżyseria: Sam W. Orender

  • Mary-Pat Green (Marge)
  • Hill Harper (Aaron)
  • John Bloom (Billy Ray)
  • Rose Jackson (Angie)
  • Melissa Behr (Heidi)
  • Tara Karsian (Woman at Store)
  • Joe Ochman (Guy)
  • Jeff Heston (Emaciated Man)
  • Borovnisa Blervaque (Beautiful Girl)
  • Tami Anderson (Meg)

Al teaches a high school graduate about life. Meanwhile, Kelly gets bug spray in her eye when she becomes a terminator.

Bud only appears in the beginning of this episode, and he has no speaking parts.


166. NO MA'AM

Data emisji: 14.11.1993
Numer odcinka: 809
Scenariusz: Larry Jacobson
Reżyseria: Tony Singletary

  • Timothy Omundson (Bartender)
  • E.E. Bell (Bob Rooney)
  • Lisa Boyle (Bubbles Double Dee)
  • Jerry Springer (Himself)
  • Dan Tullis Jr. (Officer Dan)
  • John Mariano (Pete)
  • Trip Hamilton (Jim)
  • Steve Susskind (Barney)
  • Christopher Collins (Roger)
  • Harriet Leider (Velma)
  • Ingrid Berg (Waitress)
  • William Palmieri (Guy #1)
  • Frank Noon (Guy #2)

Women take over the nudie bar and the bowling alley, so Al starts an organization called "NO MA'AM."

NO MA'AM stands for National Organization of Men Against Amazonian Masterhood.


167. Dances with Weezy

Data emisji: 21.11.1993
Numer odcinka: 810
Scenariusz: Richard Gurman
Reżyseria: Tony Singletary

  • Dan Tullis Jr. (Officer Dan)
  • Joe Namath (Himself)
  • Johnny Bench (Himself)
  • Ernie Banks (Himself)
  • Jillian Johns (Waitress)

Peggy and Marcy make Al and Jefferson abandon their plans of going to a new sports bar to instead see a musical.


168. Change for a Buck

Data emisji: 28.11.1993
Numer odcinka: 811
Scenariusz: Kim Weiskopf
Reżyseria: Amanda Bearse

  • Cheech Marin (Buck's Voice)
  • Dom DeLuise (Floyd the Dog)
  • Jeanine Jackson (Mother)
  • Lenny Wople (Father)
  • Joshua Boyd (Timmy)
  • Ralph P. Martin (Mustafa)

Buck runs away from home and when the Bundys realize he is gone, the pound already has him.

We see the living room from a different angle in this episode.

We see the wall where the TV when Buck thinks about the family.


169. A Little off the Top

Data emisji: 12.12.1993
Numer odcinka: 812
Scenariusz: Michael Moye
Reżyseria: Sam W. Orender

  • Terence Winter (I) (Lee)
  • Hill Harper (Aaron)
  • Ron Perkins (Doctor)
  • Mark Clayman (Jay)
  • John Maxwell (Dad)

When Al goes in to the doctor's for back surgery, they accidentally give him a circumcision.


170. The Worst Noel

Data emisji: 19.12.1993
Numer odcinka: 813
Scenariusz: Larry Jacobson
Reżyseria: Amanda Bearse

Kelly and Bud try to sneak a jukebox, their Christma present for Al and Peggy, into the house on Christmas Eve while Al and Peggy argue over channel surfing.


171. Sofa So Good

Data emisji: 16.01.1994
Numer odcinka: 815
Scenariusz: Doug McIntyre
Reżyseria: Amanda Bearse

  • Larry Hankin (Mary)
  • Mark Matheisen (Gunther)
  • Bryn Erin (Naomi)

While Al and Peggy are away at a family reunion, Kelly's boyfriend ruins Peggy's couch.

Larry Hankin who played the weirdo Mary in this episode will later this year appear as the weird neighbour Mr. Heckles in Friends.


172. Honey, I Blew Up Myself

Data emisji: 23.01.1994
Numer odcinka: 814
Scenariusz: Wayne Kline
Reżyseria: Sam W. Orender

  • Michael Lowry (Sloan)
  • Hill Harper (Aaron)
  • Tom Silardi (Dabbs)
  • Winifred Freedman (Enid)
  • Michael Anthony Vaccaro (Patrick)

A blown up sexy picture of Peggy is hung up outside the photography studio and Al has Marcy's feminist friends protest to get it taken down. Meanwhile, Kelly and Bud try to find a gift for Al.


173. How Green was My Apple

Data emisji: 06.02.1994
Numer odcinka: 816
Scenariusz: Katherine Green
Reżyseria: Gerry Cohen

  • Gary Coleman (Inpector)
  • Danny Bonaduce (Surveyor)
  • Dave Madden (Manager)
  • Joni Allen (Girl)

The Bundys and D'Arcys have an explosive property dispute over a Bundy apple tree with the apple growing on the D'Arcys' property.


174. Valentine's Day Massacre

Data emisji: 13.02.1994
Numer odcinka: 818
Scenariusz: Cindy Begel
Reżyseria: Gerry Cohen

  • Avner Garbi (Omar)
  • Jane Lynch (Greta)
  • Paddi Edwards (Betty)
  • Charles Bouvier (Mac)
  • Dan Doherty (Bodyguard)
  • Jeff Bennett (Mayhem)
  • Stephanie Dicker (Woman)
  • David Carrera (Pinworm)
  • Julie Condra (Crystal)
  • Lorna Scott (Rita)

Bud responds to an old valentine. Meanwhile, Al does his last minute Valentine's Day shopping.


175. Get Outta Dodge

Data emisji: 20.02.1994
Numer odcinka: 817
Scenariusz: Mark Driscoll
Reżyseria: Sam W. Orender

  • Dan Tullis Jr. (Officer Dan)
  • Bert L. Cook (Criminal)
  • Todd Sussman (Bill Ellis)
  • Stefanie Ridel (Lisa)
  • Richard Assad (Fanatic)
  • Michael Hagiwara (Japanese Man)
  • David Garubard (Mobster #1)
  • Maray Ayres (Winer Gal)
  • William Bookston (Winer Guy)

Al will get a new Viper for his Dodge if he lets people film a video of the Dodge crossing the 100 mile mark. Meanwhile, Kelly tries to find Waldo.


176. Field of Screams

Data emisji: 27.02.1994
Numer odcinka: 819
Scenariusz: Al Aidekman
Reżyseria: Gerry Cohen

  • Hill Harper (Aaron)
  • Tiiu Leek (TV Announcer)
  • Julie Benz (Sascha)

Al's high school football field will be destroyed for an auto shop, so he protests. Meanwhile, Kelly still has her terminator job, and she tests a bug spray on Bud and Buck.


177. The D'Arcy Files

Data emisji: 20.03.1994
Numer odcinka: 820
Scenariusz: Ilunga Adell
Reżyseria: Gerry Cohen

  • Robert Mandan (Walter Traugott)

Jefferson tells Marcy he used to be a spy. The man who is trying to find Jefferson offers Al $50,000 for his location.


178. Nooner or Nothing

Data emisji: 10.02.1994
Numer odcinka: 822
Scenariusz: Nancy Neufeld
Reżyseria: Gerry Cohen

  • Rick Dees (Himself)
  • Chi McBride (Dexter)
  • Stacy Ferguson (Ann)
  • Pete Steinfeld (Pete)
  • Helen Siff (Leonna)
  • Helen Faraday (Frieda)
  • Kelly Goodman (Barbara)
  • Nelson Parks (B.B.R. Fan #1)
  • Douglas Christopher (Kevin)
  • Nicole Nagorsky (Penelope)

To win a radio show prize, Peggy must get Al to do a romantic act. Meanwhile, Kelly and Bud wait for concert tickets.


179. Ride Scare

Data emisji: 24.04.1994
Numer odcinka: 824
Scenariusz: Nancy Neufeld
Reżyseria: Sam W. Orender

  • Sandra Taylor (Naomi)
  • Paul Eisenhauer (Alderman Johnson)
  • Jane Abbott (Alexis)
  • Shannon K. Dunn (Monique)
  • Debra Christofferson (Paulina)

Al's carpool, consisting of him and three models, is chosen to promote a campaign to clean up Chicago.


180. The Legend of Ironhead Haynes

Data emisji: 01.05.1994
Numer odcinka: 821
Scenariusz: Katherine Green
Reżyseria: Gerry Cohen

  • E.E. Bell (Bob Rooney)
  • Dan Tullis Jr. (Officer Dan)
  • Steve Susskind (Barney)
  • Waylon Jennings (Ironhead Haynes)
  • Hill Harper (Aaron)
  • Sheila Grenham (Kobieta #2)
  • Christopher Collins (Roger)

When Al's insults cause a fat woman to complain, Al's organization, "No Ma'am," seeks a macho guru, Ironhead Haynes.


181. Assault and Batteries

Data emisji: 08.05.1994
Numer odcinka: 824
Scenariusz: David Castro
Reżyseria: Sam W. Orender

  • Cheech Marin (Buck's Voice)
  • Jean Speegle Howard (Old Lady)
  • Jan Hoag (Checker #1)
  • Brian Reddy (Checker #2)
  • Biff Yeager (Man)
  • Gary Simpson (Paramedic)
  • Cynthia Frost (Klient #1)
  • Craig Benton (Klient #2)

When Al tries to change some batteries, the computer locks him inside a store. Meanwhile, Kelly and Bud celebrate Buck's birthday.

This is the second time in the series that Al misses Hondo, the first time was in "All in the Family."


182. Al Goes Deep

Data emisji: 15.05.1994
Numer odcinka: 826
Scenariusz: Garry Bowren & Laurie Lee-Goss
Reżyseria: Amanda Bearse

  • Curnal Achilles Aulisio (Chad)
  • Ron Pitts (TV Announcer)
  • Edward Blanchard (Stab Wound)
  • Marcia Del Mar (Maria)

Kelly ruins Jefferson's college football bet by blitzing the quarterback.


183. Kelly Knows Something

Data emisji: 22.05.1994
Numer odcinka: 823
Scenariusz: Al Aidekman
Reżyseria: Amanda Bearse

  • Mary-Pat Green (Max)
  • Neal Lerner (Traney)
  • Alex Nevil (Mike)
  • Michael Cannizzo (Tony)
  • Todd Christensen (the Host)

When Al finds he doesn't have enough energy to be on a trivia game show, he teaches his sports knowledge to Kelly.

While studying for the game show, it is established for every new fact she learns, she forgets an old one. Among the images shown being erased in her head is a picture of Seven (Shane Sweet) from.


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