Married... with children - sezon 7

Przewodnik po epizodach - sezon 7


132. Magnificent Seven

Data emisji: 13.09.1992
Numer odcinka: 701
Scenariusz: Arthur Silver
Reżyseria: Gerry Cohen

  • Bobcat Goldthwait (Zemus)
  • Shane Sweet (Seven)
  • Linda Blair (Ida Mae)

Peggy's cousin and wife leave them their five-year-old son, Seven, but only Peggy is excited.


133. T-R-A-Something-Something Spells Tramp

Data emisji: 20.09.1992
Numer odcinka: 702
Scenariusz: Ron Leavitt & Ellen L. Fogle
Reżyseria: Gerry Cohen

  • Shane Sweet (Seven)
  • Corey Feldman (Ralph)
  • Liz Vassey (Lorraine)
  • Dusty Street (D.J.)

Kelly has to walk through the wilderness after dumping her boyfriend in the forest. Al and Peg try to talk their marriage alive, but without success. Bud dates a girl with the measels.


134. Every Bundy Has a Birthday

Data emisji: 27.09.1992
Numer odcinka: 703
Scenariusz: Richard Gurman
Reżyseria: Gerry Cohen

  • Frank Lloyd (Spadochroniarz)
  • Shane Sweet (Seven)
  • Andrew Masset (Phillip)
  • Sherry Rooney (Gwen)
  • Weston Blakesley (Robotnik)
  • Ted Roberts (Brian)

Peggy finds that they don't know Seven's birthday, so she chooses Al's birthday to take the family to a park and celebrate both.

Kelly and Bud's birthdays are reavealed in this episode.

Kelly's is November 27th and Bud's is January 22nd.


135. Al on the Rocks

Data emisji: 04.10.1992
Numer odcinka: 704
Scenariusz: Andrew Smith
Reżyseria: Gerry Cohen

  • Shane Sweet (Seven)
  • Diane Delano (Gladys)
  • Sherlock Ganz (Patron #1)
  • Laurel Ollstein (Kobieta)

Al has to take a job as a topless bartender to pay for Seven's doctor bill. Meanwhile, Peggy tries to keep the family away from Seven because he is sick.


136. What I Did for Love

Data emisji: 11.10.1992
Numer odcinka: 705
Scenariusz: Ellen L. Fogle
Reżyseria: Gerry Cohen

  • Shane Sweet (Seven)
  • Penelope Windust (Sales Lady)
  • Keith Coulouris (Guy)
  • Jocelyn Kelly (Girl)

Peggy tries on new outfits to get Al to have sex with her.


137. Frat Chance

Data emisji: 25.10.1992
Numer odcinka: 706
Scenariusz: Larry Jacobson
Reżyseria: Gerry Cohen

  • Shane Sweet (Seven)
  • S. Kyle Parker (Ahmed)
  • Andy Milder (Francis)
  • Elek Hartman (Gus)
  • Kathleen McClellan (Girl)
  • Jamie Luner (Gerri)

Bud starts his own fraternity to get women.


138. The Chicago Wine Party

Data emisji: 01.11.1992
Numer odcinka: 707
Scenariusz: Stacie Lipp
Reżyseria: Gerry Cohen

  • Michael Goldfinger (Doug)
  • Kari Coleman (Muffy)
  • Cynthia Allison (News Anchor)
  • Hartley Silver (Storekeeper Jim
  • Ed Burke (Man)
  • Pearl Shear (Wolontariusz #1)
  • Flora Burke (Wolontariusz #2)
  • Jim Chiros (Działacz #1)
  • Cynthena Sanders (Działacz #2)
  • Cindy Margolis (Beer Girl #1)
  • Robin Killian (Beer Girl #2)
  • Tonya Poole (Beer Girl #3)

The Bundys vote against a two cent beer tax, but when the tax is voted for, they do some pillaging.


139. Kelly Doesn't Live Here Anymore

Data emisji: 08.11.1992
Numer odcinka: 708
Scenariusz: Gabrielle Topping
Reżyseria: Amanda Bearse

  • Shane Sweet (Seven)
  • Brian Doyle-Murray (Wayne)
  • Charlotte Booker (Miss Parker)
  • Lisa Robin Kelly (Carol)
  • Aubree Mazzola (Girl)
  • Bert L. Cook (Customer)

Al makes Kelly get a job, so she becomes a waitress.


140. Rock of Ages

Data emisji: 15.11.1992
Numer odcinka: 709
Scenariusz: Al Aidekman
Reżyseria: Gerry Cohen

  • John Sebastian (Himself)
  • Mark Lindsay (Himself)
  • Peter Noone (Himself)
  • Richie Havens (Himself)
  • Robbie Krieger (Himself)
  • Spencer Davis (Himself)
  • Shane Sweet (Seven)
  • Theresa Lee (Petal)
  • Aaron Lustig (Attendant)
  • Mark Jay Goodman (V.J.)

Al wins a shoe selling contest and the family gets a free trip to Hawaii.


141. Death of a Shoe Salesman

Data emisji: 22.11.1992
Numer odcinka: 710
Scenariusz: Stacie Lipp
Reżyseria: Gerry Cohen

  • Dan Castellaneta(Funeral Director)
  • James R. Sweeney (Priest)
  • Emilio Borelli (Man)
  • Laurel Lockhart (Lorraine)
  • Robert Ackerman (Harry)
  • Bill Applebaum (Voice of Newscaster)

Al buys a cemetery plot so that he will be buried next to western movie stare and a mule. But Peggy feels excluded.


142. Old College Try

Data emisji: 13.12.1992
Numer odcinka: 711
Scenariusz: P. Sharon
Reżyseria: Gerry Cohen

  • Shane Sweet (Seven)
  • Leslie Ryan (Julie)
  • Stan Chandler (Bank Nerd #1)
  • Tim Maculan (Bank Nerd #2)
  • Jennifer Pusheck (Toni)
  • Michael Mitz (Bank Teller)
  • Richard Mayer (Old Man)
  • Alex McLeod (Coed #1)
  • Sabryn Genet (Coed #2)

Al and Peggy use Bud's college grant money for themselves.


143. Christmas

Data emisji: 20.12.1992
Numer odcinka: 712
Scenariusz: Ellen L. Fogle
Reżyseria: Gerry Cohen

  • Shane Sweet (Seven)
  • Dennis Cockrum (Bartender)
  • Fred Sanders (Ishowitz)
  • Kevin Thompson (Elf)
  • Ed Morgan (Charity Santa)
  • Matt Leavitt (Matt)
  • Samantha Leavitt (Samantha)
  • Monty Hoffman (Santa)
  • Kristen Martin (Freckled Girl)
  • Sara Shearer (Assistant)
  • Paula Bernard (Denise)
  • Kristen Semon (Lolly)
  • Cherry Semon (Polly)

Al remembers past Christmases when he is store Santa.


144. The Wedding Show

Data emisji: 10.01.1993
Numer odcinka: 713
Scenariusz: Arthur Silver
Reżyseria: Gerry Cohen

  • Joey Lauren Adams (Janie)
  • Sara Melson (Corky)
  • Andrea Elson (Heidi)
  • Robin Killian (Natalie)

Al becomes frustrated when Peggy can't decide what to wear to a family wedding. Meanwhile, Bud gets to know the bride and Kelly spends time with the bridesmaids.


145. It Doesn't Get Any Better Than This

Data emisji: 24.01.1993
Numer odcinka: 714
Scenariusz: Michael Moye
Reżyseria: Sam W. Orender

  • Shane Sweet (Seven)
  • Joel Gretsch (Johnny)
  • Terri Wilgren (Mindy)

Peggy and Marcy ruin Al's fishing trip with their fighting. Meanwhile, Jefferson and the kids spends Marcy's money.


146. Heels on Wheels

Data emisji: 07.02.1993
Numer odcinka: 715
Scenariusz: Stacie Lipp
Reżyseria: Gerry Cohen

  • Paris Houghton (Lulu)
  • Todd McLaren (NBC Announcer)

Peggy finds Kelly's new motorcycle unsafe, but after Peggy tries it she begins to like it.


147. Mr. Empty Pants

Data emisji: 14.02.1993
Numer odcinka: 716
Scenariusz: George Tricker
Reżyseria: Gerry Cohen

  • Cynthia Szgeti (Bertha)
  • Steve Bean (Steve)
  • Cain Devore (Man)
  • Brian Jensen (Antoine)
  • Jack Kenny (Fredo)
  • Kristi Ducati (Candy)
  • Avalon Anders (Sandy)
  • Janne Halskov (Mandy)
  • Arthur Hanket (Anchorman)

Peggy's cartoon of Al gets him fame as a sex symbol.


148. You Can't Miss

Data emisji: 21.02.1993
Numer odcinka: 717
Scenariusz: Joel Valentincio & Scott
ZimblerReżyseria: Amanda Bearse

  • Chantel Dubay (Candy Lapinsky)
  • Bill Maher (Adam)
  • Brian Leckner (Henry)
  • Matt Winston (Eugene)
  • Allison Barron (Tonya)
  • Ron Evans (Rodrico)
  • Kiamalise Budak (Betty)
  • Tiffany Sloan (Carol)

Bud appears on The Dating Game. Meanwhile, Kelly thinks there is a conspiracy against her.


149. Peggy and the Pirates

Data emisji: 28.02.1993
Numer odcinka: 718
Scenariusz: Richard Gurman
Reżyseria: Gerry Cohen

  • Frank Lloyd (Black Bert)
  • David Garrison (Steve Rhoades)
  • Shane Sweet (Seven)
  • Eric Menyuk (Black Bob)
  • Gene LeBell (Black Ben)

Al has a pirate fantasy with people she knows as pirates. Meanwhile, Al tries to fix the toilet.


150. Go for the Old

Data emisji: 14.03.1993
Numer odcinka: 719
Scenariusz: Stacie Lipp
Reżyseria: Gerry Cohen

  • E.D. Miller (Ira)
  • Kevin Brief (Urz?dnik)
  • George Feinstein (George)
  • Mario Raccuzzo (Vendor) /Dostawca/Sprzedawca?
  • Peggy Gilbert (Cheerleader #1)
  • Jerrie Thill (Cheerleader #2)
  • Georgie Shilling (Cheerleader #3)
  • Marian M. Wells (Cheerleader #4)
  • Todd McLaren (Stadium Announcer)

Al starts using a senior discount card and competes in a senior athletics competition after beng mistaken for being sixty-five.


151. Un-Alful Entry

Data emisji: 28.03.1993
Numer odcinka: 720
Scenariusz: Larry Jacobson
Reżyseria: Amanda Bearse

  • Melanie Chartoff (Laurie Diamond)
  • Dan Tullis Jr. (Policjant)
  • Randall "Tex" Cobbs (Burglar)
  • Edwin Owens (Judge)
  • Brooke Stacy Mills (Sandy)
  • Kari Coleman (Anchor Woman)

A burglar breaks into the Bundy house, so Al punches him and is sued by the burglar.


152. Movie Show

Data emisji: 11.04.1993
Numer odcinka: 721
Scenariusz: Ellen L. Fogle
Reżyseria: Gerry Cohen

  • David Boreanaz (Frank)
  • Craig Benton (Usher)
  • Kimberly Brooks (Ekspedientka)
  • Nick Oleson (Lon)
  • Elena Statheros (Liz)
  • Phil Dominguez (Lex)
  • Anahtt Minasyan (Lil)
  • Robin Francis Robins (Man)

The Bundys go to the movie theater for Kelly's birthday and they see her boyfriend with another woman.


153. 'Til Death Do Us Part

Data emisji: 25.04.1993
Numer odcinka: 722
Scenariusz: Stacie Lipp
Reżyseria: Gerry Cohen

Peggy tells Marcy about her bad bed experience with Al and soon the whole town is talking about it.


154. Tis Time to Smell the Roses

Data emisji: 02.05.1993
Numer odcinka: 723
Scenariusz: Kevin Curran
Reżyseria: Gerry Cohen

  • Susan Peretz (Ms. Blaub)
  • Peter Jason (Manager)
  • S. Kyle Parker (Habib #1)
  • Ted Davis (Habib #2)
  • Charlene Tilton (Herself)

Al plans on retiring early, but Peggy spends too much money shopping and he must get a job at Homeplate Athletic Shoes.


155. Old Insurance Dodge

Data emisji: 09.05.1993
Numer odcinka: 724
Scenariusz: Larry Jacobson
Reżyseria: Gerry Cohen

  • Dan Tullis Jr. (Policjant)
  • Rob La Belle (Joe)

When Al's old Dodge clunker gets stolen, he tries to find a way to scam the insurance company into giving them more than just $50.


156. Wedding Repercussions

Data emisji: 16.05.1993
Numer odcinka: 725
Scenariusz: Arthur Silver
Reżyseria: Gerry Cohen

  • Abraham Benrubi (Jimmy)
  • Barbara Moore (Dee Anna)

A relative tries to find who bonded with his fiancee in the episode "The Wedding Show" when Bud is the person.


157. The Proposition

Data emisji: 23.05.1993
Numer odcinka: 726
Scenariusz: Arthur Silver
Reżyseria: Gerry Cohen

  • Vanna White (Coco)
  • Kevin Schon (Phil)
  • Jane Childerhose (Customer)
  • Jane Childerhose (Woman in Store)

An old girlfriend of Al's is willing to pay him $500,000 to be with him again.



A Day in the Life

Data emisji: 07.06.1993

We follow Ted McGinley and Amanda Bearse around during one day and see them train, eat, and more. We see Amanda Bearse direct episodes, we see Ted McGinley visit a centre for kids with cancer... and stuff other stuff. We see them working with episode 720 - "Unalful Entry"


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