Married... with children - sezon 2

rzewodnik po epizodach - sezon 2


14. Poppy's By the Tree (1)

Data emisji: 27.09.1987
Numer odcinka: 202
Scenariusz: Michael Moye & Ron Leavitt
Reżyseria: Linda Day

  • Gary Grubbs (Delbert)
  • Dan Gauthier (Chłopak Kelly)
  • Richard Paul (Szeryf)
  • Charlie Dell (Roy)
  • Sandy Sprung (Dottie)
  • Becky Phelps (Gloria)
  • Kim Morgan Greene (Becky)
  • Bill Marcus (Harold)
  • Ian Patrick Williams (Beany)

In the 2nd SEZON opener, the Bundy's go to a sleazy, dumpy motel in get-this, Dumpwater Florida. Trouble heads their way when an axe murderer, who hates tourists arrives.


15. Poppy's By the Tree (2)

Data emisji: 27.09.1987
Numer odcinka: 203
Scenariusz: Michael Moye & Ron Leavitt
Reżyseria: Linda Day

  • Vic Polizos (Zabójca)

Peg is kidnapped by the axe murderer and it's up to Al to save her.


16. If I Were a Rich Man

Data emisji: 04.10.1987
Numer odcinka: 204
Scenariusz: Sandy Sprung & Marcy Vosburgh
Reżyseria: Linda Day

Al and Steve visit the vault at Steve's bank and the next day, one million dollars is reported missing.

Peg and the kids hear about it and worship Al thinking that he stole the money and now their wealthy.


17. Buck Can Do It

Data emisji: 11.10.1987
Numer odcinka: 201
Scenariusz: Michael Moye & Ron Leavitt
Reżyseria: Linda Day

  • Derek McGrath (Buck (we śnie))
  • Dick Durock (Chainsaw)
  • Mitchell Greenberg (Mr. Pittman)

One of the Bundy's neigbors threaten to sue when Buck the dog makes it with their dog. They fear that the puppies will turn out ugly. The neigbors contemplate on the Bundy's getting the dog neutered, but Al is against that.


18. Girls Just Want to Have Fun (1)

Data emisji: 18.10.1987
Numer odcinka: 206
Scenariusz: Tracy Gamble & Richard Vaczy
Reżyseria: Linda Day

  • Billy Hufsey (Zorro)
  • Lisa Kahofer (Wanda)
  • LaRue Stanley (Fanny)
  • Judy Kain (Sheila)
  • Joey D. Viera (Ernest)
  • Richard Brose (Bouncer) /Skoczek?
  • Charlotte Crossley (Louise)
  • Michael Christian (Skippy) Skoczek?
  • Nick Montgomery (Leon)
  • George Solomon (Gospodarz/Konferansjer)
  • Christopher Walli (Kowboj)
  • Steve Guri (Mervin)
  • Doug Donatelli (Construction Worker)

Marcy has a fight with Steve and runs out to the Bundys. Peg takes Marcy to a male strip club where she tips a stripper and her wedding ring falls in the dancer's briefs.


19. Girls Just Want to Have Fun (2)

Data emisji: 18.10.1987
Numer odcinka: 207
Scenariusz: Tracy Gamble & Richard Vaczy
Reżyseria: Linda Day

A stripper shows up at Al's with Marcy's ring. Steve takes it from him and faces Marcy about going to a male strip club.


20. For Whom the Bell Tolls

Data emisji: 25.10.1987
Numer odcinka: 205
Scenariusz: Richard Gurman & Katherine Green
Reżyseria: Linda Day

Al's refusal to pay a large phone bill forces them to cut off the phone service to the Bundy house. The neighbors and friends of the Bundys get angry with Al.


21. Born to Walk

Data emisji: 01.11.1987
Numer odcinka: 208
Scenariusz: John Vorhaus
Reżyseria: Linda Day

Al fails his test for renewing his license on the same day Kelly gets her license.


22. Alley of the Dolls

Data emisji: 08.11.1987
Numer odcinka: 209
Scenariusz: Sandy Sprung & Marcy Vosburgh
Reżyseria: Linda Day

  • Deborah Harmon (Mimi)
  • Darren Modder (Roscoe)
  • Bill Kalmenson (Chuck)
  • Jennifer Sophia (Didi)
  • Larry Spinak (Frank)

Peg meets with her old rival from high school and the two face off at a bowling match to see which one the real loser is. With a member missing, Steve has to step in to help.


23. The Razor's Edge

Data emisji: 15.11.1987
Numer odcinka: 210
Scenariusz: Ellen L. Fogle
Reżyseria: Linda Day

Steve comes back from rafting with a beard and he and Marcy fight over Steve wanting to keep it.


24. How do You Spell Revenge?

Data emisji: 22.11.1987
Numer odcinka: 211
Scenariusz: Ralph R. Farquhar
Reżyseria: Linda Day

  • Kris Kamm (Brian)
  • John Dennis Johnston (Jimmy)

Al tries to improve Peg's softball skills while Kelly's boyfriendasks her to prove her love to him by getting a tatoo.


25. Earth Angel

Data emisji: 06.12.1987
Numer odcinka: 212
Scenariusz: Ellen L. Fogle
Reżyseria: Linda Day

  • Frank Lloyd (Norris)
  • Dawn Merrick (Tiffany)
  • Judy Kain (Sheila)
  • LaRue Stanley (Fanny)
  • Lana Schwab (Fern)
  • Gene LeBell (Larry)
  • John Wesley (Dennis)
  • Steve Susskind (Berney)
  • Charlotte Crossley (Louise)

Bud meets a 21 year old art student in the park and brings her to the Bundy household. Everybody seems to like her but Marcy, who plans on geting rid of her.


26. You Better Watch Out

Data emisji: 20.12.1987
Numer odcinka: 213
Scenariusz: Katherine Green & Richard Gurman
Reżyseria: Linda Day


  • Michael G. Hagerty (Coroner) /Sędzia śledczy
  • David Ruprecht (Mr. Mallman)
  • Michael Faustino (Nestor)
  • Edan Gross (Carl)
  • Robert Petkoff (Delivery Boy) /Noworodek

This Christmas episode tells about Santa Clause, who is late showing up at the mall. His parachute doesn't open and he falls off his sleigh and on the Bundy property... dead.

This episode started out with a warning saying that it might upset younger viewers (who believe in Santa).


27. Guys and Dolls

Data emisji: 10.01.1988
Numer odcinka: 214
Scenariusz: Sandy Sprung & Marcy Vosburgh
Reżyseria: Linda Day

  • Nick DeMauro (Gliniarz)

Al and Steve trade 2 rare classic baseball cards in exchange for Marcy's old Barbie doll that she plans on passing to her daughter if she has one. Anyway, a fight gets Steve and Al trying to find the Barbie doll on the streets.


28. Build a Better Mousetrap

Data emisji: 24.01.1988
Numer odcinka: 215
Scenariusz: J. Stanford Parker
Reżyseria: Linda Day

  • Patrick T. O'Brien (Wally)

A mouse finds his way into the Bundy home and even after an exterminator is hired, Al sets on killing the mouse, even if it means he has to tear the house and damage it to shreds.


29. Master the Possibilities

Data emisji: 07.02.1988
Numer odcinka: 216
Scenariusz: Ron Leavitt & Michael Moye
Reżyseria: Linda Day

  • Bill Erwin (Hiram Massey)
  • Debi A. Monahan (Hon)
  • Jim Keily (Bellboy)
  • Caryn Wells (Paula)
  • Christi Allen (Kristi)
  • Linda Lutz (Frieda)

When the mailman delivers a credit card pre-approved for Buck the Dog, the Bundy's go on a spending spree.


30. Peggy Loves Al, Yeah Yeah, Yeah

Data emisji: 14.02.1988
Numer odcinka: 217
Scenariusz: Ralph R. Farquhar
Reżyseria: Gerry Cohen

  • Lihann Jones (April May June)

On Valentines day, Bud awaits his 1st Valentine, Kelly has a load of valentines, Steve plans on taking Marcy to Hawaii, and Peg wants Al to say "I Love you" to her.

When the show originally aired, the FOX network did something inteactive. At the end of the episode, they ran a phone number to call in to see what Al should say. The vote turned out that they wanted AL to say "I love you" and the end was aired later that night. I assume that 2 different endings were made, so if people didn't want Al to say that, he would've said or done something else.


31. The Great Escape

Data emisji: 21.02.1988
Numer odcinka: 218
Scenariusz: Ellen L. Fogle
Reżyseria: Linda Day

  • Teri Weigel (Jade) Babsko-Jędza
  • Barbara Belmonte (Trish)
  • Hope Marie Carlton (Heather)
  • Marie Anderson (Jackie)
  • Barbara Schillaci (Mitzi)
  • Cliff Bemis ((Termite Boss) Szef Termitów)

Kelly is grounded and when the house is being fumigated for termites and when the Bundy's have to live in the shoe store, Kelly tends to sneak off to a rock concert.


32. Im-Po-Dent

Data emisji: 28.02.1988
Numer odcinka: 219
Scenariusz: Sandy Sprung & Marcy Vosburgh
Reżyseria: Linda Day

Marcy dents Steve's new Mercades and heavily regrets it. Revenge brings brings Steve to claim she made impotent and uses her as his personal servant.


33. Just married... with children

Data emisji: 06.03.1988
Numer odcinka: 220
Scenariusz: Ellen L. Fogle
Reżyseria: Linda Day

  • David Leisure (Bink Winkleman)
  • Jessie Scott (Lovely Zelda)
  • Catherine Rusoff (Mona Squab)
  • Geoff Pierson (Roland Squab)

Al and Peg find mail in the Rhoade's mail box that invites them to appear on a TV game show entitled "How Do I Love Thee", and they apply as Steve and Marcy. The idea of the show is to survive torture. Meanwhile, Steve and Marcy find out about it and go on the show as Al and Peg. Who will survive the most torture? Whoever does wins.

This episode guests stars David Leisure as the game show host, known as Joe Isuzu and better known as Charlie the neighbor from "Empty Nest.


34. Father Lode

Data emisji: 13.03.1988
Numer odcinka: 221
Scenariusz: Jerry Perzigian
Reżyseria: Linda Day

  • Teri Weigel (Jade) Babsko, Jędza?

Al tries to keep his race track winnings a secret, while Peg starts taking money from Al's wallet.


35. All in the Family

Data emisji: 01.05.1988
Numer odcinka: 222
Scenariusz: Marcy Vosburgh & Sandy Sprung
Reżyseria: Linda Day

  • King Kong Bundy (Wujek Irwin)
  • Milly del Rubio (Wanker Triplet #1)
  • Elena del Rubio (Wanker Triplet #2)
  • Eadie del Rubio (Wanker Triplet #3)
  • James "Gypsy" Haake (Otto)

Peg's hillbilly relatives from Wanker county pay a visit. Fighting uncles, singing triplet aunts, whose showbiz career is threatened by Al's imputs, and Al is trying all he can to watch the John Wayne film "Hondo."

This episode was deticated to Harris Glen Milstead. This man was hired to play Uncle Otto for as a reoccuring character on the show, but his manager found him dead in his apartment building.


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