Married... with children - sezon 1

Przewodnik po epizodach - sezon 1


1. Pilot

Data emisji: 05.04.1987
Numer odcinka: 101
Scenariusz: Michael Moye & Ron Leavitt
Reżyseria: Linda Day

  • Diana Belmy (Klient #1)
  • Sue Ann Gilfillan (Klient #2)
  • Linda Dona (Tawny)
  • Victor Di Mattia (Arnold)
  • Ritch Shydner (Luke Ventura)

W pilocie poznajemy Ala i Bundych, obleśną rodzinę z Chicago. Al i Peg nie mają żadnych przyjacół, ale mają nowych sąsiadów; Steve'a i Marcy Rhodes. Steve i Marcy byli bardzo szczęśliwym małżeństwem... dopóki nie poznali Bundych.

This pilot was also the pilot for the new FOX network. After this episode aired, the pilot of the Tracey Ullman show which would spin-off "The Simpsons", FOX's biggest hit even to this day aired. Another pilot featured different actors playing Bud and.

Roseanne Barr and the late Sam Kidison were considered for the roles of Peg and Al. The shoe store was once used by the series One Day At A Time. A German version of the show's first 13 episodes were produced and some of the first SEZON episodes were taken from another show. A porn version of series does exsist as Married with Hormones volume 1 & 2.

In the original pilot episode, Tina Caspary played Kelly and Hunter Carson played Bud. Ritch Shydner (Luke Ventura) was a main character in the original pilot and also credited in the opening credits. A few scenes and lines are different in the original pilot: The scenes with Bud and Kelly have slightly different dialogue; The scene where we first see Luke Ventura is totally different and a lot of cut dialogue include Luke mentioning that he slept with a woman for three hours before Al came to work that day; finally a few lines where Al tells Steve that P.M.S means "Pummel Men's Scrotums".


2. Thinnergy

Data emisji: 12.04.1987
Numer odcinka: 102
Scenariusz: Michael Moye & Ron Leavitt
Reżyseria: Linda Day

  • Elizabeth Edwards (Sandy)

Marcy gives Peggy the book "Thinnergy", which is a book about health.

Very inspired by the book, Peggy goes on a diet and tries to convince the family to join in, but they refuse.

When the diet makes Peggy really annoying, Steve convinces Al to join the diet, and persuades Peggy to quit.


3. But I Didn't Shoot the Deputy

Data emisji: 19.04.1987
Numer odcinka: 104
Scenariusz: Ron Burla
Reżyseria: Linda Day

  • Thomas Hill (Muldoon)
  • J. Jay Saunders (Bronson)
  • Frank Lloyd (Norris)

The Bundys and Rhodes hear of crime in the neigborhood. Al buys a gun, and the Rhodes buy a dog. Al hears noise and accidentally kills the dog, thinking it was a burglar.


4. Whose Room is it Anyway?

Data emisji: 26.04.1987
Numer odcinka: 106
Scenariusz: Sandy Sprung & Marcy Vosburgh
Reżyseria: Zane Buzby

Steve and Marcy plan on adding another room to thier house with their tax refund. Al tries to coax Steve into building a pool room, while Peg and Marcy decide on an exercising room. Who wil win?


5. Have You Driven a Ford Lately

Data emisji: 03.05.1987
Numer odcinka: 105
Scenariusz: Richard Gurman & Katherine Green
Reżyseria: Linda Day

Al and Steve draw closer together when they try to restore a 1965 Mustang. Peg and Marcy on the other hand can't stop from despising their husbands.


6. Sixteen Years and What Do You Get

Data emisji: 10.05.1987
Numer odcinka: 103
Scenariusz: Katherine Green & Richard Gurman
Reżyseria: Linda Day

  • Walter Olkewicz (Skrzypek)
  • Elias Zarou (Marcel)
  • Don Draper (Salesman)
  • Richard Sanders (Mr. Conner)

Al comes home to Peg on their 16th wedding anniversary with no gift for Peg. His credit seems to be maxed out and rejected because everyone bought gifts for themselves along with Al.


7. Married... without children

Data emisji: 17.05.1987
Numer odcinka: 109
Scenariusz: Matt Geller
Reżyseria: Linda Day

  • Gunther Jensen (Dweep)
  • Noah Blake (Sean)
  • Liane Curtis (Debbie)

Al and Peg go to a motel to spice up their marriage. Although Al chose the hotel for a reason - to be able to watch a boxing game held on cable tv.

Meanwhile Marcy and Steve babysit Bud and Kelly, which is a huge mistake as Kelly constantly talks on the phone and Bud plays various pranks like playing fox hunt by letting play with Marcy's fur coat.

Steve and Marcy decide to let the kids throw a party so Al and Peggy would see how bad baysitters they were, but the party turns into a riot.


8. The Poker Game

Data emisji: 24.05.1987
Numer odcinka: 110
Scenariusz: Ron Leavitt & Michael Moye
Reżyseria: Brian Levant

  • Sue Ann Gilfillan (Lis)
  • Frank Lloyd (Norris)
  • James Lashly (E.J.)
  • William Utay (Burn)
  • Steve Susskind (Barney)
  • Garrett Morris (Russ)

Al invites Steve to play poker, but Steve ends up losing his paycheck to Al.
Steve tries to convince Peggy to give him the check back, but Al bribes Peggy with jewelry.


9. Peggy Sue got work

Data emisji: 31.05.1987
Numer odcinka: 108
Scenariusz: Ellen L. Fogle
Reżyseria: Linda Day

  • Ernie Sabella (Mr. Pond)
  • Irwin Keyes (Mr. Hugo)
  • Jeryl Jagoda (Kobieta #1)
  • Regina Leeds (Kobieta #2)

Peg wants a VCR and Al won't get it for her. She ends up working at a department store for money, which disrupts her and Al's relationship.


10. Al loses his Cherry

Data emisji: 07.06.1987
Numer odcinka: 107
Scenariusz: Marcy Vosburgh & Sandy Sprung
Reżyseria: Arlando Smith

  • Jerry Hall (Terry Cherry)
  • Pamela Bowman (Sherry Cherry)
  • Ritch Shydner (Luke Ventura)
  • Estelle Harris (Delilah)

Al is so overwhelmed by Luke's swinging bachelor pad, that he doesn't come home and continue a fight with Peg.

This is the last episode with the short-lived Luke Ventura character. I think that this was for the best sice the character didn't fit.


11. Nightmare on Al's Street

Data emisji: 14.06.1987
Numer odcinka: 112
Scenariusz: Michael Moye
Reżyseria: Linda Day

Steve is away on business and Marcy is having sexual fantasies with Al involuntarily. Marcy becomes so discusted, when she tells Peg, Peg tries to give her tips on how to avoid them.

Steve's middle name is revealed in this episode it's Bartholemew.


12. Where's the Boss

Data emisji: 21.06.1987
Numer odcinka: 111
Scenariusz: Marcy Vosburgh & Sandy Sprung
Reżyseria: Linda Day

  • Geoffrey Scott (Gary)
  • Billy Beck (Strażnik)
  • J.J. Johnston (Happy)
  • Lewis Arquette (Ed)
  • Rick Waln (Bart)
  • Amanda Sherman (Donna)
  • Diana Bellamy (Nancy)
  • Giovanni Ribisi (Teddy)

After thinking that Al's boss is dead, Al tries to find another job unless he gets some appreciation and credit for his work.

13. Johnny Be Gone

Data emisji: 28.06.1987
Numer odcinka: 113
Scenariusz: Katherine Green & Richard Gurman
Reżyseria: Linda Day

Al and Peggy delay going to a closing of their favorite hamburger joint when Bud and Kelly run into a problem. Meanwhile, Steve and Marcy prepare a party for some executive big-shots.


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