Married... with children - sezon 9

Przewodnik po epizodach - sezon 9


184. Shoeway to Heaven

Data emisji: 04.09.1994
Numer odcinka: 901
Scenariusz: Carl Studebaker
Reżyseria: Gerry Cohen

  • Tawny Kitaen (Dominique)
  • John Bloom (Billy Ray Wetnap)
  • Richard Stahl (Shoemaker)
  • Barbara Sammeth (Kobieta #1)
  • Jodi Taffel (Kobieta #2)
  • Rosie Taravella (Kobieta #3)
  • John O'Connell (TV Announcer)
  • Terry Murphy (Herself)

Al and Jefferson find a box of '70s shoes. Meanwhile, a bug bite causes Kelly to tell the truth.


185. Driving Mr. Boondy

Data emisji: 11.09.1994
Numer odcinka: 902
Scenariusz: Donald Beck
Reżyseria: Gerry Cohen

  • Oliver Muirhead (Mr. Blithers)
  • Nicole Nagel (Heidi)
  • Isa Totah (Ahmed)
  • Greg Callahan (Bank President)
  • Jeffrey Winner (Test Examiner)
  • Wesley Leong (Man)
  • Deborah Lee Hall (DVS Woman)
  • Gene Steichen (Bank Customer)

Bud is Al's driving insructor when Al must renew his license. Meanwhile, Jefferson gets Kelly fired from her terminator job, so Marcy gives her a job at the bank.


186. Kelly Breaks Out

Data emisji: 18.09.1994
Numer odcinka: 903
cenariusz: Larry Jacobson
Reżyseria: Gerry Cohen

  • Michael Francis Clarke (Stage Manager)
  • Clio Augusto (Director)
  • Dennis Phun (Chinese Actor)
  • Don Brunner (Cameraman #1)
  • Dot Jones (Lola)

Kelly's zit ruins her beer commercial.


187. Naughty but Niece

Data emisji: 25.09.1994
Numer odcinka: 904
Scenariusz: David Castro
Reżyseria: Gerry Cohen

  • Harold Sylvester (Griff)
  • Juliet Tablak (Amber)
  • Heather Paige Kent (Cherise)
  • Joseph Reitman (Genghis)
  • Kirsten Holmquist (Breezy)

Bud studies hard for an exam but when he has a passionate encounter with Marcy's niece, he doesn't know if it's real or not.


188. Business Sucks

Data emisji: 02.10.1994
Numer odcinka: 905
Scenariusz: Richard Gurman
Reżyseria: Gerry Cohen

  • Harold Sylvester (Griff)
  • Jean Speegle Howard (Sylvia)
  • E.E. Bell (Bob Rooney)
  • Teresa Parente (Miranda Cardinal)
  • Dot Jones (Dot)
  • David J. Poindexter (Poindexter)
  • Jack Riley (Wendell)
  • Cynthia Steele (Rebecca)
  • Gretchen Palmer (Lucille)
  • Terri J. Vaughn (Connie)
  • Annie O'Donnell (Eartha)
  • Rachel Winfree (Sadie)
  • Joe Costanza (Butcher)

Katey Sagal (Peggy) makes her full time return to the series after the birth of her first child kept her away from the first few episodes of this sezon.


189. Business Still Sucks

Data emisji: 09.10.1994
Numer odcinka: 906
Scenariusz: Stacie Lipp
Reżyseria: Gerry Cohen

  • Mary-Pat Green (Marge)
  • Janet Carroll (Gary)
  • Harold Sylvester (Griff)
  • Dan Tullis Jr. (Officer Dan)
  • Teresa Parente (Miranda Cardinal)
  • E.E. Bell (Bob Rooney)
  • David J. Poindexter (Poindexter)
  • Dot Jones (Dot)
  • Cynthia Steele (Rebecca)
  • Marla Cotovsky (Helga)

Al creates a plan to rid the store of nursing mothers, but when the owner, Gary, arrives.


190. Dial "B" for Virgin

Data emisji: 16.10.1994
Numer odcinka: 907
Scenariusz: Wayne Kline
Reżyseria: Amanda Bearse

  • Monica Creel (Esther)
  • Beverly Archer (Miss Hardaway)
  • Rhonda Aldrich (Judy)
  • Phil Lodwick (Security Guard)
  • Bodhi Pine Elfman (Clerk)

Bud isn't suited for his community service assignment of counciling tempted virgins. Meanwhile, Al and Peggy visit the video store.


191. Sleepless in Chicago

Data emisji: 23.10.1994
Numer odcinka: 908
Scenariusz: Katherine Green
Reżyseria: Katherine Green

  • Allan Trautman (Barbiephile)
  • Juliet Tablak (Amber)
  • Kenneth Danziger (Auctioneer)

Al has to sleep next to Marcy while Jefferson switches her Barbie dolls when he finds a Barbie doll he bought for her is worth a small sum of money.


192. No Pot to Pease In

Data emisji: 06.11.1994
Numer odcinka: 909
Scenariusz: John Glenn Houston
Reżyseria: Gerry Cohen

  • George Wyner (Ronald N. Michaels)
  • Lisa Kaseman (Patty)
  • Richard Kelly Young (Mel)
  • Steve Hack (Lou)
  • Bruce Fine (Ben)
  • Jennifer Massey (Maria)
  • J.J. Johnston (Security Guard)
  • Mark Barriere (Washington)
  • Rochelle Swanson (Kobieta #1)
  • Amber Van Lent (Kobieta #2)
  • Alexandra Ann McLeod (Carrie)

Kelly goes to an interview about being in a sitcom. When she goes, she tells the man about her family and all-of a sudden, the sitcom is geared making fun of the Bundy's. Al loves the show but everyone else finds that it exlpoits and makes fun of them. When Al goes down to the producer's he threatens to either get royalties or sue. By the time Al is suppose to win royalties, the show is cancelled.


193. Dud Bowl

Data emisji: 13.11.1994
Numer odcinka: 910
Scenariusz: Kim Weiskopf
Reżyseria: Gerry Cohen

  • E.E. Bell (Bob Rooney)
  • John S. Reynolds (Himself)
  • Bubba Smith (Himself)
  • Ken Stabler (Himself)
  • Lawrence Taylor (Himself)
  • Stan Ivar (Jack Franklin)
  • Drew Pillsbury (Thad)
  • Dean Norris (Rodent)
  • Chuck Lefever (Speedy)
  • Hillary Davis (Cigarette Girl)
  • Darryl Henriques (Samuel)
  • Michael Leopard (Bartender)
  • Michelle Harrell (Mrs. Bubba Smith)
  • Dawn Reed (Mrs. Taylor)

Al's high school plays a football game against their rival school.


194. A Man for No sezons

Data emisji: 27.11.1994
Numer odcinka: 911
Scenariusz: Kim Weiskopf
Reżyseria: Amanda Bearse

  • Harold Sylvester (Griff)
  • Mike Piazza (Himself)
  • Dan Tullis Jr. (Officer Dan)
  • E.E. Bell (Bob Rooney)
  • Brett Saberhagen (Himself)
  • Danny Tartabull (Himself)
  • Frank Thomas (Himself)
  • Dave Winfield (Himself)
  • Joe Morgan (Himself)
  • Pat Millicano (Sticky)
  • Shaun Tour (Akbar)
  • Tom McCleister (Ike)

NO MA'AM, Al's organization, organizes a baseball league sponsored by nudie bars.


195. I Want My Psycho Dad (1)

Data emisji: 11.12.1994
Numer odcinka: 913
Scenariusz: Barry Gold
Reżyseria: Gerry Cohen

  • Harold Sylvester (Griff)
  • Dan Tullis Jr. (Officer Dan)
  • E.E. Bell (Bob Rooney)
  • Tom McCleister (Ike)
  • Teresa Parente (Miranda Cardinal)
  • Andrew Prine (Psycho Dad)
  • Bill Lee Brown (Cameraman)

Al's organization, NO MA'AM, leads a strike when Al's favorite show, Psycho Dad, is cancelled.


196. I Want My Psycho Dad (2)

Data emisji: 18.12.1994
Numer odcinka: 914
Scenariusz: David Castro
Reżyseria: Gerry Cohen

  • Harold Sylvester (Griff)
  • E.E. Bell (Bob Rooney)
  • Dan Tullis Jr. (Officer Dan)
  • Tom McCleister (Ike)
  • T.C. Warner (Pam)
  • Barry Wiggins (Geronimo)
  • Michael Philip (Chopper)
  • Joseph Reitman (Tom)
  • J. Patrick McCormack (Senator Furman)

Thanks to Jefferson, Al get to talk to the U.S. Senate about Psycho Dad's cancellation.


197. The Naked and the Dead, but Mostly the Naked

Data emisji: 08.01.1995
Numer odcinka: 912
Scenariusz: Michael Moye
Reżyseria: Sam W. Orender

  • E.E. Bell (Bob Rooney)
  • Tom McCleister (Ike)
  • Barry Shabaka Henley (Charlie)
  • Jo Anne Hart (Helen)
  • Leland Orser (Mike)
  • Alix Elias (Louise)
  • Carol Ann Susi (Franny)
  • Brandy Ledford (Brandy)
  • Michael Cauldwell (Peter)
  • Fumi Shishino (Mai Lin)
  • Letha Weapons (Rocki Mountains)
  • Iqbal Theba (Iqbal)
  • Judy Carmen (Diane)
  • Kevin Schon (Stage Manager)

Peggy and friends go to the nudie bar with their husbands to see what "totally innocent fun" is. Meanwhile, Kelly gets a part in a weight loss commercial.


198. Kelly Takes a Shot

Data emisji: 15.01.1995
Numer odcinka: 915
Scenariusz: Al Aidekman
Reżyseria: Amanda Bearse

  • Juliet Tablak (Amber)
  • Dion Anderson (Fryer Tuck)
  • Katherine Olsen (Beth)

Bud helps Kelly get a part in a commercial. Meanwhile, a bird keeps Al up all night so he tries to get revenge.


199. Get the Dodge Outta Hell

Data emisji: 05.02.1995
Numer odcinka: 917
Scenariusz: Larry Jacobson
Reżyseria: Gerry Cohen

  • David Garrison (Steve Rhoades)
  • Harold Sylvester (Griff)
  • Ian Gomez (Employee #1)
  • Michael Faustino (Mikey)
  • Rick Batalla (Employee #2)
  • Pierre Gonneau (Mr. D'Player)

Al's Dodge disappears at the car wash.

This was billed by Fox as the 200th episode.


Special. Best of Bundy

Data emisji: 05.02.1995
Numer odcinka: specjalny

  • George Plimpton (Himself (as narrator))

In the 200th episode, clips of past episodes are shown.

This episode is hosted by George Plimpton and you get to see the Married With Children set as just a Hollywood set and not the Bundy household.


201. 25 Years and What Do You Get?

Data emisji: 12.02.1995
Numer odcinka: 918
Scenariusz: Donald Beck
Reżyseria: Sam W. Orender

  • Marty Rackman (Dave)
  • David Drumond (Chance)
  • John Robert Lafleur (Sven)

Al's in trouble when Buck buries his anniversary gift for Peggy in the backyard.


202. Ship Happens (1)

Data emisji: 19.02.1995
Numer odcinka: 919
Scenariusz: Michele Wolff
Reżyseria: Gerry Cohen

  • Wolfman Jack (Himself)
  • Lisa Stahl (Gretchen)
  • Mary Garripoli (Julie)

The Bundys and D'Arcys go on a Caribbean cruise.


203. Ship Happens (2)

Data emisji: 26.02.1995
Numer odcinka: 920
Scenariusz: Katherine Green
Reżyseria: Gerry Cohen

  • Gilbert Gottfried (Himself)
  • Teresa Parente (Miranda Cardinal)
  • Hannah Eckstein (Joy)
  • Leilani Jones-Wilmore (Reporter #1)
  • Keith Sellone-Wright (Reporter #2)
  • Kevin McBride (Reporter #3)
  • Melissa Chan (Reporter #4)
  • Scott Hartman (Reporter #5)

The Bundys' and D'Arcy's Caribbean cruise is ruin when the ship sinks.


204. Something Larry This Way Comes

Data emisji: 12.03.1995
Numer odcinka: 916
Scenariusz: Alison Taylor
Reżyseria: Amanda Bearse

  • Janet Carroll (Gary)
  • Larry Storch (Himself)
  • Harold Sylvester (Griff)
  • Lynn Ann Leveridge (Woman)

Gary knocks out Kelly's acting instructor, Larry Storch.


205. And Bingo was Her Game-O

Data emisji: 26.03.1995
Numer odcinka: 921
Scenariusz: Laurie Lee-Goss & Garry Bowren
Reżyseria: Gerry Cohen

  • Harold Sylvester (Griff)
  • E.E. Bell (Bob Rooney)
  • Jean Speegle Howard (Ceil)
  • Tom McCleister (Ike)
  • Clint Howard (Mullen)
  • Rusty Schwimmer (Babs)
  • Peter Spellos (Elmo)
  • Vick Sabitjian (Abdula)
  • Pat Crawford Brown (Bingo Caller)
  • Julie Kato (Impersonations)

Peggy wins $10,000 playing Bingo. Meanwhile, NO MA'AM chooses their official beer.


206. User Friendly

Data emisji: 09.04.1995
Numer odcinka: 923
Scenariusz: Russell Marcus
Reżyseria: Sam W. Orender

  • Harold Sylvester (Griff)
  • E.E. Bell (Bob Rooney)
  • Juliet Tablak (Amber)
  • JD Cullum (Dr. Kessler)
  • Elaine Hendrix (Sandy)
  • John Kendall (Bruno)

Bud gets hooked on cyber sex. Meanwhile, Al tries to find the use of a certain light switch in the house.


207. Pump Fiction

Data emisji: 30.04.1995
Numer odcinka: 925
Scenariusz: Kim Weiskopf & David Castro
Reżyseria: Gerry Cohen

  • Harold Sylvester (Griff)
  • E.E. Bell (Bob Rooney)
  • Tom McCleister (Ike)
  • Tom Henschel (Marshall)
  • Miles Arreola (Devin)
  • Jennifer Echols (Gwen)
  • Shae Marks (Colleen)
  • Wanda Acuna (Babette)
  • Vene Lynn Acoraci (Eileen)
  • Dawn Randenbaugh (Darlene)
  • Mark Voland (Alderman)
  • Elicia Choice (Justine)

Kelly and Al are offered $10,000 to make another film, after they make one about shoes for Kelly's acting class.


Special. My Favorite Married

Data emisji: 30.04.1995
Numer odcinka: specjalny

The cast of Married With Children all sit around in chairs discussing their favorite episodes through past clips. In this FOX special, we see the real personalities behind the Bundy characters... and Ed O' Neill wears glasses too.

The cast's favorite episode Scenariusz:
Ed O'Neill:
Hi I.Q. (620), All Night Security Guard (516)

Amanda Bearse:
You Better Shop Around (519-520)

David Faustino: Johnny Be Gone (113), You Better Watch Out (213)
Katey Sagal:
Who'll Stop the Rain (411)

Christina Applegate:
Kelly Does Hollywood (part 1)(609)

Ted McGinley:
Peggy and the Pirates (718), Married... with Aliens (507)


209. Radio Free Trumaine

Data emisji: 07.05.1995
Numer odcinka: 926
Scenariusz: Richard Gurman & Stacie Lipp
Reżyseria: Gerry Cohen

  • David Garrison (Steve Rhoades)
  • Eric Dane (Oliver)
  • Andrew Kavovtt (Mark)
  • Timothy Ewell (Nickolai)
  • Keri Russell (April)
  • Joseph D. Reitman (Stoner)

Marcy protests when Steve Rhoades, her ex-husband, expells Oliver and Mark, the radio hosts at Bud's school. Meanwhile, Bud competes with Nickolai, a basketball player, for April, his girlfriend.

This episode was another attempt for a spinoff. But the pilot never even made it on the air.


210. Shoeless Al

Data emisji: 14.05.1995
Numer odcinka: 924
Scenariusz: Bootsie
Reżyseria: Amanda Bearse

  • Mary-Pat Green (Mary-Pat)
  • Harold Sylvester (Griff)
  • E.E. Bell (Bob Rooney)
  • Charlie Dell (Leslie Baum)
  • Michael Rothhaar (Milt)
  • Susan Varon (Brenda)
  • Mike Finneran (Marv)

Al can't wear shoes because of his phony lawsuit against the mall.


211. The Undergraduate

Data emisji: 21.05.1995
Numer odcinka: 922
Scenariusz: Fran E. Kaufer
Reżyseria: Amanda Bearse

  • Noah Segan (Robby)
  • Billy Gallo (Stitch)
  • Harry S. Murphy (Mr. Bennett)
  • Damien Leake (Principal)
  • Christopher Miranda (Tommy)
  • Brad Parker (Refreshment Guy)
  • Lynsey Bartilson (Megan)
  • Jessica Smith (Jenny)
  • Krystin Moore (Julie)
  • Bert L. Cook (Delivery Man)
  • Matt Zusser (Donald)

A twelve year old boy with a crush on Kelly gets her to go to his junior prom with him.


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